Memory Ghost 128GB ON900 M.2 NVMe

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Memory-Ghost -128GB-ON900-M.2-NVMe

Digital Storage Capacity - 128GB

Slot Type - PCIe Gen 3x4

Controller- SMI 2258XT

Read Speed - Up to 3500 MB/s

Write Speed - Up to 3000 MB/s

Hard disk interface - NVMe

Nand Flash - 3D TLC

3 Years Warranty

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Transfer performance is 5 times higher than the SATA III interface. Capable of reading and writing large amounts of game data, complex graphics and motion processing algorithms, or loading heavy duty video/graphics editing software.

Security & Stability

Support ECC automatic error correction function and adopt LDPC error correction algorithm to effectively ensure the security of data access and the stability of the overall system.

Work Efficiency Improvement

Memory Ghosst SSD Internal Hard Drive uses 3D NAND technology to boot up your computer in about 10 seconds, providing fast response time and effectively enhancing your work efficiency, allowing you to face heavy workloads with ease.

Reliable & Durable

With no moving parts inside the Solid State Drive, it is lightweight and shock-resistant for reliability, helping to protect data in the event of accidental system bumps and falls.


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Memory Ghost 128GB ON900 M.2 NVMe